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Experience greater Joy, Purpose, and Fulfillment

Welcome to Debbie Pearson's

Self-Discovery Circle
Where We Uncover to Discover
 Because You Must
Reveal It to Heal It

Embrace Your True Self:
Discover Joy and Fulfillment Within

Get away from all the overwhelm and experience enduring harmony and well-being, even amidst life's ups and downs. Break free from the cycle of overachievement and limiting beliefs, while cultivating a balanced, thriving, and fulfilling life.

Think it's not possible? Our science-based proven processes are tailored online courses. They are designed for women ready to transform their lives. 



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Experience Joyful & Fulfilling Benefits

Rebuild your self-worth, establish healthy habits, and cultivate a kind, compassionate, and genuine relationship with yourself as the foundation.

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Identify Your Unconscious Fears 

Overcome your subconscious fears and gain clarity and confidence through our science-based online courses and step-by-step processes.

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Create the Next Best Version of Yourself

Embark on a journey of personal transformation, deepen meaningful connections, and cultivate a richer, more joyful life.

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Debbie Pearson

Debbie Pearson, a best-selling author, coach, and leader in personal growth, created the Self-Discovery Circle to offer a genuine and accessible path to life transformation.


She is dedicated to helping women conquer feelings of unworthiness and the persistent sense that something is missing, regardless of their achievements.


Discover her science-backed proven method for breaking down disempowering beliefs, limiting  thoughts and behaviors., opening the space to foster enduring and transformative change for the rest of your life. 

Your Transformational Journey in the Self-Discovery Circle

Getting started is easy — our evidence-based content, webinars, Love seats, Q&A sessions, and supportive community will help you find freedom from limiting beliefs, patterns, actions and behaviors, bringing forth your authenticity, true essence, all while building a joyful, meaningful, fulfilling life.



Our life experiences have created a subconscious framework that influences our connections with others and our perspectives of the world.

Often, we find ourselves reacting instinctively to external stimuli, not fully aware or in control of our underlying motives. However, it is entirely possible—and likely—to transition from mere reactions to thoughtful responses.

You have the power to move away from old patterns and behaviors that no longer benefit you, as  you simultaneously cultivate new, compassionate, and kind ways of being that fulfill your deepest desires.

It all starts with a commitment to yourself.

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Life doesn’t need to be a constant struggle. Instead, envision it as a beautiful tapestry ready to be crafted with strands of joy, peace, purpose, and fulfillment.


Your path to self-awareness isn’t about altering your identity; it's about uncovering your true essence and embracing the most genuine version of yourself. Often, this true self is hidden beneath the shadows of past experiences and outdated beliefs that no longer serve you.


Begin your transformation today—not next week, not tomorrow, but right now.

"I didn't even realize this type of information existed. I've been in the oncology field for so long and so much of it is caring for our patients, and taking care of their needs. It turns out I forgot to care for myself. What's most important is that I now know what my needs are and how to get those needs met. Priceless.


              Steph T, Member

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Get Started



Engage with our materials and connect with each other:

  • Join our real-time learning sessions for live interaction.

  • Access our library of recorded webinars whenever it works best for you.

  • Build relationships through interactive participation with peers who share your interests.

  • Sit in the Love Seat to receive personalized guidance and support.

  • Participate in our Q&A sessions to deepen your understanding and involvement.

  • Keep learning to connect the dots.


We highly value and encourage your active participation in our supportive community!

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Begin your transformative journey to experience the clarity, peace, joy and fulfillment you deserve ... and can have!

"This content is amazing. I've gained a much greater sense of myself and learned so much about what's been keeping me stuck. It's exciting to have the skills I need to improve my life and shift it so I have more meaning and fulfillment. Truly life changing!


          Cherlyn H., Member

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Most Popular Courses

Getting started is easy — our evidence-based courses, in-depth webinars, weekly Q&A sessions, and supportive community will help you to break free from limiting patterns, make better decisions in your relationships, and build a fulfilling life.

What Our Members Say

The Self-Discovery Circle has guided countless women, much like yourself, to make positive, enriching, and liberating transformations.

I found this content comes from an intention of love. It's the practicing and experiencing ‘love-in-action’ with this learning community that made it a living curriculum. Developing these skills has enabled me to be the change I’ve always wanted to be.

Sarah W.


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Our free 10-question assessment can help you identify the obstacles that are holding you back and guide you towards a more fulfilling future.

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